Saturday, December 27, 2008

random list

10 things that I have done in my life that I would probably do again (well maybe not #7).

1. Chaperone teenagers on a trip overseas (to Jamaica)
2. Been to a Buddhist monastery in Mongolia (with my sister)
3. Driven halfway across the country alone (Minnesota to California and back several times)
4. Travelled overseas alone (to England)
5. Read more than 70 books (for adults) in one year
6. Learned how to quilt
7. Made a bridesmaid dress and wore it (for my brother's wedding)
8. Walked on the Great Wall of China (with my sister)
9. Started a book club
10. Read through the entire Bible

What about you?


amandajean said...

interesting list...your trip to England came up in our Christmas conversation yesterday. you are definitely more adventuresome than i am.

oblivious prattle said...

goodness! you know you could have had a travel buddy if you would have just paid for me to go to england with you! wow so much fun!!!! i'm sure you can't even imagine how much fun you would have had...

____Maggie said...

I'm down with OP! Need a travel buddy just give me a call! :)

Melissa said...

I am writing my "new years" letter -- comprised of lists of happenings in 2008 (following the format of a letter you did a couple summers ago).