Monday, October 8, 2012

exploring Minnesota

view from fire tower at Mille Lacs Kathio State Park
Mississippi River at Crow Wing State Park
This August I bought a Minnesota State Park pass.  It is good for a year and allows me to visit any state park throughout the state. At twenty five dollars, it is a bargain. Here are a few pictures from my state park visits so far.  I plan to see a lot more parks in the next ten months.  Some are even close enough to me that I hope to visit them more than once.  It has been a fun thing to do with different people in my day I went canoeing with two of my nephews.  Last Sunday my dad and two brothers walked along the Mississippi at Crow Wing State Park.  Some day when I am in the metro area, I plan to go to Fort Snelling State Park with my sister and her family.
bridge over Pike Creek at Charles Lindbergh State Park

Pike Creek at Charles Lindbergh State Park
Do you think there is a state park in Minnesota that is a must see? 


1stteacher said...

Don't know about "must-see" but I think Interstate Park is interesting - and we could go canoeing there. William O'Brian Park is also fairly close to us.

cydney said...

What an adventure, and Minnesota looks beautiful in your pictures, Clair. It's interesting to explore your own state like a tourist, isn't it?