Monday, October 22, 2012

The Quilt Walk

The Quilt Walk by Sandra Dallas is a book I read last week.  This is the first novel Dallas has written for children.  Emmy Blue Hatchett is a ten year old girl who travels from Illinois to Colorado with her parents, aunt and uncle by wagon.  Although it is called The Quilt Walk, plenty happens in the story not related to quilting.  There is some description of what it was like to travel across the prairie, but more so it is a story of Emmy growing up.  When I first began reading it, I wondered if it would make a good read aloud in a classroom.  I quickly decided that it would not because of one of the characters in the story-an abusive husband.  Dallas' intended audience was children but I would recommend it to anyone who likes reading historical fiction about pioneer days.

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amandajean said...

I think this is a book I might enjoy reading. Maybe my first novel this year?