Saturday, November 7, 2015

One Thousand Gifts

I read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp back in January. 
The first time I picked it up was several years ago and did not make much progress.  In January, with few choices on what to read, someone lent me this book.  So I read the whole think and I am glad.  Voskamp was determined to write down one thousand things that were gifts.  The book does not detail every single one, but she writes about the challenge and growth that came from looking for the blessings in her life.  Sometimes it is more poetry than prose, but I wrote down two quotes to share with you...

"Thanks is what multiplies the joy and makes any life large, and I hunger for it."
"To learn how to be grateful and happy, whether hands full or hands empty.  That is a secret worth spending a life learning."

I do not think I am going to reread the whole book this November, but I will reread parts, and continue to work on being thankful. 

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