Friday, February 29, 2008

Quiet Strength

Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy is the book our book club is reading for our March meeting. Although I am not into football, I had heard some about Tony Dungy and even watched part of the Super Bowl when the Colts played in it in 2007. The book talks a lot about his coaching, but that is natural since it has been such a large part of his life. Reading this book can give you something to think about regarding how you want to live your life. It would be interesting to people that are interested in football, but also to people who are leaders in any type of job.

For the giveaway, elyse and Amanda are the winners. I will be getting the cards to you soon-I may have to make a couple so I have enough to give away.

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amandajean said...

hurray! I am a winner. :)